Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Guide on How to Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro

windows 8 pro

Golden days when passed by will never return back. Remember that just a week is left for January 31 to pass by.  And once January bid farewell, the premium offer to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will also come to an end.  You may then need to shell out $199.99 instead of $39.99, i.e.; almost quintuple to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Do not miss the propitious opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at this unbelievable price.

Yes, we are aware that a few among you are confused on how to download a Windows 8 Pro in their PCs.  So we thought why not help them in installing one in their comp. The process is simple.  Just follow the steps that mentioned below for an enthralling Windows 8 Pro experience.

  1. Log into the official website of Microsoft and click on the section Download Pro to install Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.
  2. Once Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant is installed, run it to purchase Windows 8 Pro. Though it is mandatory to run Upgrade Assistant to purchase Windows 8 Pro, you can run it without even purchasing.
  3. As next step, rush through the instructions in Upgrade Assistant to check if it is possible to upgrade Windows 8 Pro in your PC.
  • You can install Windows 8 Pro only if your PC runs Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Customer Preview, or Windows 8 Release Preview
  • Easy transfer of files, apps and settings to Windows 8 Pro is possible if your PC is running Windows 7, Windows 8 Customer Preview, or Windows 8 Release Preview.
  • In case the computer has Windows XP or Windows Vista, you may need to reinstall the apps. To experience certain features including touch, a new PC is required.
  1. Once you’ve made sure that your PC is capable of running Windows 8 Pro, follow the on-screen steps to make payment and download your Windows 8 Pro.
  2. Follow the remaining steps to install the Windows 8 Pro upgrade on your PC.
  3. Once you are done with the installation part, set up windows 8 Pro by selecting a few settings features including the colors of your choice.

Windows 8 Pro is an ideal choice for your PC as it will give it new charm with its fancy appearance and fabulous features bundled inside. It is faster in performance. Even in terms of security aspect, Windows 8 Pro is a safe bet. Above all, Windows 8 Pro is attuned with both mouse and keyboard and with touch screen.

It is worthy to mention that special offer is not limited to downloading Windows 8 Pro in your computer. If required, Microsoft will directly send you a copy of Windows 8 Pro. However for it you need to cough up an extra 30 bucks. As per the special offer valid till January 31, Microsoft will directly ship you a Windows 8 Pro copy at $69.99. Looking ahead to gift something precious to your beloved buddy? Just access
Microsoft Store. Hurry up as this offer is valid till January 31. Remember not to miss the date as such offers do not occur twice.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Setup Kid’s Corner in Windows Phone 8

For certain, your kid loves your smartphone. But what if his handiwork erases something important from your device; or what if he inadvertently sends out of context mails to your contacts; your boss for instance? But if you have Kid’s Corner in your smartphone there is no need to worry a bit. This never before seen feature lets kids play with apps, videos, music, and games at one aloof place on the phone while the rest of the stuff stays secure with a pin. Seems worthy a try; isn't it!
Here's how you setup Kid’s Corner
  1. Tap Kid’s Corner on the Start screen, and then tap Next. Alternatively swipe your Start screen and scroll to Settings in the App List. Tap to enter and select Kid’s Corner. 
  2. Click Next on the home screen to access Kid’s Corner content. 
  3. Tap apps, videos, music, or games and select items you want to add in the Kid’s Corner for your kid. Once you are done, tap Done
  4. Tap Next

You can now set a lock screen password for your main phone, in case you haven’t done so.
  1. Tap Set password and type your preferred password.
  2. Tap Confirm password and re-enter the password.
  3. Tap Match.
  4. Once you’re done tap Done and then Tap Finish

Use Kid’s Corner

Only you can add items to the Kid’s Corner. However your kids can open and use it on their own.
  • To use the Kid’s Corner you need to swipe the Start screen to the left and then swipe up. 
  • Tap Customize to select your preferred name, lock screen picture and accent color. 
  • You can also resize the tiles and move them around. 
  • Press the Power button to leave Kid’s Corner. You’ll need to hit the lock screen password once you press the power button again.
So give your little devil the space on your mobile he really cherishes to have. But make sure that his usage stays in limits. Follow this link to you need to know more about Kid's Corner.

You can also watch the video underneath to have a video recap to setup Kid's Corner.